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To celebrate the 100th anniversary of David Ogilvy’s birth we are publishing a brand new edition of Confessions of an Advertising Man, David Ogilvy’s seminal work, with a striking new cover and format.

price: £12.99 Paperback

Confessions of an Advertising Man by David Ogilvy in the Guardian Small Business Top 10 Reads for entrepreneurs

New York Times – Matthew Weiner selects Confessions of an Advertising Man

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Essential reading for those in advertising, marketing, business management,
copywriting, public relations and human resources – read more »

Confessions of An Advertising Man has been selected by Fast Company Magazine for its Leadership Hall of Fame as one of their Best Business Autobiographies – more »

The Footsteps of Anne Frank

August 1st 1944 – The Diary of a Young Girl ended abruptly. Three days later the Gestapo arrived seized Anne Frank and her family from their Amsterdam attic and started them on a journey to Auschwitz, and then to Belsen.
Ernst Schnabel interviewed 42 of the people mentioned by Anne in her diary. He began with her father and many other close relatives and friends.
They describe her character in an open and honest way and the importance of this book is not only its fascinating insight into who Anne Frank really was, but also its closeness to the events and people involved.
Here too, is the full dramatic story of her family’s betrayal and its disastrous aftermath in the concentration camps.

price: £9.99 paperback

now available as an ebook isbn 978-1-904915-39-3 £6.99

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John Bonham

by Mick Bonham

price: £14.99

now available as an ebook isbn 978-1-904915-47-8 £9.99

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John Bonham coverage on ITV news »

“A must for fans as well as a great introduction for those new to the world of the late great John Bonham”.
Rhythm Magazine

Married to Genius

by Jeffrey Meyers

price: £9.99 Paperback

now available as an ebook isbn 978-1-904915-46-1 £6.99

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British Empire Exhibition 1924 edition

Introduction by Oliver Green

price: £11.99 Paperback
now available as an ebook isbn 978-1-904915-47-8 £9.99
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Will Write and Direct for Food

Cartoons by Alan Parker

price: £14.99 Flexicover
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“Hands that feed are meant to be bitten. Alan Parker bites deep to the bone with very sharp, very funny teeth”.
Terry Gilliam

A British Picture: An Autobiography

Ken Russell

Fully updated with a Foreword by Melvyn Bragg

price: £12.99 paperback
“one of the greatest British directors of all time”, according to Bernard Rose in the Guardian interview with Ken Russell – read more >
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British Art

price: £25.00 Flexicover
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“refreshingly different” – The Sunday Times

“An irresistible torrent of eloquence,
knowledge and enthusiasm” – The British Art Journal

Shepperton Studios

Foreword by Sir John Mills
Introduction by Sir Ridley Scott

£40.00 Hardback: more details >
£125.00 collectors’ limited edtion: more details >
‘I believe I have rarely seen a film publication of such quality’
Lord Attenborough

images >> Shepperton Studios Collectors’ Edition
Shepperton Studios photographs >> Selected images now online

Halas & Batchelor Cartoons
An Animated History

by Vivien Halas
and Paul Wells
Foreword by Nick Park

price: £19.99 flexicover
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A Moving Image – Joy Batchelor – 1914 – 91

Artist, Writer and Animator

price: £20.00 paperback
“one of the true pioneers of British animation” – Peter Lord, Aardman Animation more details >

Brands A-Z: Adidas

by Chen Jiaojiao

price: £22.00
hardback with slipcase and exclusive Adidas carrier
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Brands A-Z: Muji

by Chen Jiaojiao

price: £22.00
hardback with slipcase
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by Luo LV & Zhang Huiguang

price: £19.99 flexicover
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Delirious Denim

by Zhang Huiguang and Luo Lv

price: £19.99 paperback
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Cool Hunting Green

by Dave Evans

price: £12.99 paperback
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Cool Hunting

by Dave Evans

price: £12.99 paperback
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Designers League

by David Soberoy & Xu Guiying

price: £30.00 hardback
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China Everyday

by Zhang Yao & Bu Yi

price: £19.99 paperback
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‘The book is very impressive, even to a Chinese national, as it has succeeded in its attempt to reveal the details of the daily routine of Chinese people’
– Lu Kang,
Deputy head of Mission, Counsellor
Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Ireland

Nowhere To Run

by Gerri Hirshey

‘Just what is Soul? The answer is here.’
Jon Harrington, Mojo Magazine, January 2007

price: £9.99 Paperback
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Liar’s Paradise

by Graham Edmonds

price: £9.99 Hardback

now available as an ebook isbn 978-1-904915-45-4 £6.99

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‘A must read for marketers’ – Marketing Week

Diana – A Princess Remembered

photographs and text by Glenn Harvey

With bonus region-free DVD featuring over 150 outstanding and award-winning photographs and an exclusive gallery of 30 previously unpublished images

Diana – A Princess Remembered >> Preview a low-res extract from the DVD: download link

Check out our latest news about the Diana exhibition in the Far East – news >>

price: £25.00 Hardback
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Compiled by D. Mehra & N.D. Mehra

price: £9.99 hardback
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101 Things to do with a Merchant Banker

Robert Pesto

price: £5.99 paperback
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Bullshit Bingo

by Graham Edmonds

price: £6.99 paperback
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‘Every now and then a book falls into your lap that’s so good you feel like punching the air. Bullshit Bingo is one of those books.’ – The Guardian

Titles Available in eBook Format:

Impressionist Quartet

Jeffrey Meyers

available as an ebook isbn 978-1-904915-51-5 £6.99

more details >

Samuel Johnson – The Struggle

Jeffrey Meyers

available as an ebook isbn 978-1-904915-510-8 £9.99

more details >

Inherited Risk

Jeffrey Meyers

available as an ebook isbn 978-1-904915-49-2 £6.99

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